April 2024

Picture coming soon!

Coming soon!

March 2024

Picture of a sign at a store with the word Bonsai written in the middle.

I visited SFO for GDC this year. I found a Bonsai store with a really cute sign.

February 2024

Picture of a group of dudes playing fighting games in front of a TV.

A fighting games night with some friends at the office.

January 2024

Picture of two dogs called Naga and Saki. Naga is a chihuahua/golden retreiver mix. Saki is a white weird mix of Schnauzer and something else.

Naga and Saki at the start of the year.

December 2023

Picture of the sun raising through green beautiful hills.

We went to a glamping in Colombian, got stomach sick, and the day started with me in the bathroom haha. This is the view from the toilet.

November 2023

Picture of a birthday brownie with the candles spelling happy birthday in spanish.

My birthday cake!

October 2023

Picture of a white cat with black hair over their eyes and nose resembling eyebrows and a moustache.

Cat with a moustache and eyebrows.

September 2023

Picture of a sleeping dog called Naga.

My Naga sleeping while having a sun bath.

August 2023

Picture of a white sleepy dog called Saki.

My Saki being really sleepy before going to bed.

July 2023

Picture of an urban landscape in which in one of the buildings you can see a mural of a funky skeleton with a rainbow in the background.

A really cool mural in São Paulo.

June 2023

View of Rio de Janeiro from the top of the Sugarloaf Mountain. It is sunset, so the sky has a lot of red, orange and yellow tones. Christ the Redeemer can be seen in the middle of the picture.

Sunset view from the top of the Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro.

May 2023

Picture of me on my motorcycle. The motorcycle is a Royal Enfield Scram 411.

Picture of me on my first motorcycle.

April 2023

View of the sky at sunset. Purple and pink tones can be seen in the clouds that show between apartment buildings.

Sunset view from our first apartment!

March 2023

A series of golden masks displayed over a black background.

We went to Bogota’s gold museum and I really liked these masks.

February 2023

My dog Saki wet and soapy while getting a bath

Saki’s least favorite time of the month.

January 2023

A security camera image of my apartment with a dog called Saki raising her ears.

We no longer live here, but I loved how in the security camera we installed I could see a very attentive Saki.

December 2022

A picture of a bougainvillea tree filled with purple flowers in a very traditional street in Morelia, Michoacan.

On our Mexico trip we visited my grandparents home and while walking around downtown I found this bougainvillea tree. I love its flowers.

November 2022

Picture of Gerard Way dressed as a knight on stage in the Corona Capital 2022 festival.

I finally got to see MCR live, who are one of my favorite bands. Gerard Way is amazing.

October 2022

Picture of a house’s fence in which many yellow birds are sitting.

One thing I love about Colombia is the amount of colorful birds it has. We have found birds with the color of the Colombian flag and I find that very cool.

September 2022

My wife Sofia adding lemon to her vegan pozole at a mexican restaurant.

Some friends of ours opened a mexican restaurant near our home and they prepared vegan pozole for us. It was super tasty!