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Game Jam Projects

Chirper - Newsfeed Simulator by luisquid, jorlu boii-d by luisquid, rsofia Wi-fight by luisquid Totemsito by luisquid Super Discreet Kaiju by jorlu, luisquid, Vicoliva ROBOTS. BECOME. HUMANS. by luisquid, calgrump Port Rate by luisquid Awakalipsis by luisquid Vampire Springbreak by luisquid, rsofia, AliceBearmaid, orchid-tea Together by luisquid, rsofia Cursed Cruiser by luisquid

September 5, 2023 路 Luis Bazan
Picture of several stickers of drawn bunnies with wholesome phrases laid down in a table

Goetia 2

Explore a dark & unknown Venice in this point-and-click adventure. Your goal? Find a way to reunite your soul & body. Gather information & solve puzzles in your spectral form to make your way into this world despite the shenanigans of a troublesome demon! In this project, my job was to create new mechanics and adapt already existing ones that were written by another developer. My job consisted mostly on polishing the possession mechanic in the game, as well as implementing the UI and its programming....

May 19, 2022 路 Luis Bazan
Logo of the HP in Mental Health podcast. Health Potion with a brain in the middle.

HP in Mental Health

I co-hosted a podcast in which we reached out to Content Creators, Artists, Game Developers, Musicians and talked about obstacles we鈥檝e faced in our professional careers with our mental health. The purpose of this podcast is to destigmatize talking about our mental health, and to share our experience so that people entering any type of creative industry can understand that they are not alone in the issues they might be facing....

August 6, 2020 路 Luis Bazan
Picture of several stickers of drawn bunnies with wholesome phrases laid down in a table

Good Ugly Bunnies

Good Ugly Bunnies is a project in which I write phrases, thoughts and ideas that aim to be a remainder to be mindful of our mental health, and that it is okay to not be okay sometimes. I try to draw a bunny everyday, but it is currently on hiatus. It started as an Inktober project in 2019, and evolved into a daily project. What I love about this project is that it let me improve my drawing skills and express my feelings with a more artistical outlet....

October 1, 2019 路 Luis Bazan
Picture of a studio camera showing a virtual soccer field inside a Sports Television Studio

2018 World Cup Soccer Simulations

For the 2018 World Cup I worked on developing Soccer Simulations using Unity3D. These simulations took data from the TV feed and were then were streamed on Univision in between matches. For this project we used the AR plugin NCam to work with TV Studio cameras and to be able to track the soccer field for the AR features we implemented. It was a really fun project to work on because we got to travel all the way to the Univison television sets to install the software we developed....

May 30, 2018 路 Luis Bazan