1. Make a team and collaborate
  2. Solo is great too! A different experience. Make sure to interact with the community.
  3. Make a devlog after the game jam is over. (What went well, what didn’t go well, and what can improve)
  4. Relax and have fun!
  5. Work normal hours.
  6. Try new things. Game jams is about having fun and learning.
  7. Submit your game even if you feel like it’s incomplete.
  8. Be honest but kind when giving feedback. (REALLY IMPORTANT)
  9. Come out with simple ideas (KISS Principle)
  10. Prototype with simple shapes. Worry first about the core gameplay.
  11. Make the idea phase short. Prototype fast!
  12. Have someone not in the team playtest the game.
  13. Make the game easy to play!
  14. Extremly short is fine. If a game lasts a minute, make sure it is the most satisfying minute of the player’s life.
  15. Set a deadline a few hours earlier than the game jam’s end.
  16. Give a lot a feedback once the jam is over. Great to interact with the community
  17. Winning isn’t important. The experience and journey is.
  18. Create a new project before the jam starts.
  19. Meditate to let your ideas and creative juices flow.
  20. Don’t give up! Learn from your mistakes. It’s never to late to start again. c:
  21. Download legal and free asset packs online, and credit them!
  22. Spend at least one hour on polish. (Sound effects, partciles, feel of game, small details)
  23. Set yourself game jam goals. (Why did you join?)
  24. If spirits are low, watch some game jam behind the scenes or devlogs. Great for motivation.
  25. Make game jamming a fun hobby. Making messy games is a great skill for prototyping!
  26. Make your game easy to access and play. (Browser, avoid downloadble things)
  27. Try and avoid blocks of text for instructions.
  28. Motivation will be low, but can come back as you continue working on your game. Be patient with passion.
  29. Stay focused! (Try listening to instrumental music, avoid social media or stuff that distracts you)