Game Jam Tips

Make a team and collaborate Solo is great too! A different experience. Make sure to interact with the community. Make a devlog after the game jam is over. (What went well, what didn’t go well, and what can improve) Relax and have fun! Work normal hours. Try new things. Game jams is about having fun and learning. Submit your game even if you feel like it’s incomplete. Be honest but kind when giving feedback....

October 18, 2023
Image of cartoon squid eyes

Game Jam Projects

Chirper - Newsfeed Simulator by luisquid, jorlu boii-d by luisquid, rsofia Wi-fight by luisquid Totemsito by luisquid Super Discreet Kaiju by jorlu, luisquid, Vicoliva ROBOTS. BECOME. HUMANS. by luisquid, calgrump Port Rate by luisquid Awakalipsis by luisquid Vampire Springbreak by luisquid, rsofia, AliceBearmaid, orchid-tea Together by luisquid, rsofia Cursed Cruiser by luisquid

September 5, 2023 · Luis Bazan