I co-hosted a podcast in which we reached out to Content Creators, Artists, Game Developers, Musicians and talked about obstacles we’ve faced in our professional careers with our mental health.

The purpose of this podcast is to destigmatize talking about our mental health, and to share our experience so that people entering any type of creative industry can understand that they are not alone in the issues they might be facing.

In the podcast we had a variety of people going from Game Developers, Artists and Streamers to Voice Actresses, Writters and Esports Players.

The podcast ran for 28 episodes before we decided to pause it indefinitely as it had become harder to mantain.

The podcast had people from both Spanish and English speaking backgrounds, so the episodes might be in either of those languages.

This was a very special project for me because it was very heartwarming to see that other creative people go through the same obstacles I go through when it comes to my mental health. No matter how long you have been doing what you are good at, people still feel insecure sometimes, and that is okay.

You can find the list of episodes here!