Call of the Kraken, a Playdate game

I made my first Playdate game for the Ludum Dare Jam 55 and lived to tell about it. The Playdate is a small fantasy console in which one can develop games using their SDK. The cool thing about the console is that it has a crank that you can use in your games. For development, you can choose to either work with Lua or the C language. I’ve had my eyes on this device for a few months now, so when I saw them for sale at GDC, I bought one without hesitation....

rise and dice

I recently found out about the Micro Fiction Games Jam which, to quote its website, “it is intended to be a yearly game jam where people write and submit very short format games, on a theme, just for fun.” This year’s rules are Rule, Topple and Renew. I made this small game to play when I wake up. The Rules: Wake up Roll the dice (D6) If roll falls in the number of day of the week, sleep 5 more minutes Wait 24h and start again If Sunday (7), free pass, sleep 5 more minutes