This me!

My name is Luis Bazan and I am a Mexican Software and Game Developer living in Colombia. I’m really passionate about game development communities, music, and I’m always eager to help newcomers into the industry.

This me!

I’ve mostly specialized in developing applications and games with Unity. Going from developing AR and VR experiences for the 2018 World Cup, to giving support to AAA games such as Convergence, Subnautica, Fall Guys, among others. This is me, once agan!

I love game dev communities! In the last few years, I’ve volunteered in communities such as INDI.ES as a moderator, mentoring platforms such as PushFar, job fairs with Unity’s Latinx Group (ComUnidad), and project showcases for programs such as Generation Colombia. This is me, once agan!

I’ve been playing music since I was 11 years old, and it has been a crucial part of my life. I owe music some of my most wonderful memories, as far as to meeting my wife at a rock concert. I’ve been in two semiprofessional bands with which I toured different regions of Mexico.

This is me again!

You can listen to my solo project down below in case you might be interested in the kind of music that I make.

Thanks for checking my website!くコ:彡